Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thanks for waiting....

Okay, ladies, here we go! After a long, and patient wait, I am back! These are the wonderful goodies I wanted to share with you. VINYL ! ! !

Wow, the colors are amazing, and the designs are ENDLESS!!! I am having so much fun with these on my wooden frames, and continuing that fun in my scrapbook pages too. Many of you have seen my vinyl, in Saskatoon and Brandon, and know the possibilities are limitless.

I love the look of the flourishes shown here, and the butterfly is beautiful. I am planning to decorate a scrap room of a certain sister, with butterflies of various sizes "flying" on the wall and out the door/window. Can't you just see it! (Let's get at it Jill!!)

After seeing the designs, and thinking on how I could do more with the scrapping end of things, I started looking at titles for pages, etc. And got these......

I am super excited about these, because I am always stumped on the title for my pages. Now, I actually have the titles, and now have to design the layout to go with it. How Fun!

I am looking at adding some family words in the next little while (ie. auntie, unc, nanna, opa, ma). I think in that way the vinyl will be nice, because I don't see those words very often, especially if you have certain little "quirky" names for your family members. No, not those words (it's a family show, ladies!).

I am off this weekend to a local crop (yes, I do stay home now and then, just maybe THEN for right now). I am so excited for this crop, because 1- it's the last one before summer (which means that summer should be coming soon) and 2- because THIS time I am prepared. I usually end up most of the time sorting through paper and boxes of embellishments for pages, and then end up using the same ones anyway. This time, thanks to advise from a certain sister (thanks Jill!) I spent one night and put ALL my paper out on the floor. I then pulled out 4-5 sheets that I thought could possibly go together on a layout, and put then in a bag together......continue on for the next two hours, and I have all my paper packed up for the weekend. I then moved on to embellishments, and even pulled out all my older stuff. Same thing, bags of goodies that would work together. NOW>>>> pull out picture, grab paper bag, trinket bag to go with, and VIOLA! It's a layout. I have high hopes of actually acomplishing something this weekend... will let you know how it turns out!!!

Thanks for your time today. It felt nice to catch up with the blog. (Although high speed internet service would make my life a little easier with that aspect). Have an enjoyable day, and try to scrap a little this weekend just for you! Take care.


  1. Wow!!! I love the vinyl...I would like to do some phrases in my scrap room...Maybe Dream, Create, Inspire...or Scrap, Paper, Scissors...or oh.. Art & Soul...anyway, these are some ideas...I'll email you to get the ball rolling!!! Yeah!

  2. Brandy has some great ideas -- i may be stealing that "art & soul" idea (Thanks!!!)
    We'll have to get on that butterfly mural, Buff -- just as soon as i have a scrap-room back!!!!