Monday, April 20, 2009

What a weekend!!!

I had a fabulous weekend! I was at the local hall in Mather, at a two-day crop event. It was hosted by my best friend, and Close To My Heart rep Brandy Lees. We slept in the tent in the basement of the hall (and froze mind-you... almost as bad as REAL camping - minus the bugs!). We were joined by two lovely ladies on Friday night, and then they returned again on Saturday. (Shawna - love your dry sense of humor, and Lisa - YOU ROCK!!).

Okay, so you are all dying to know...... I got 17 Pages done!!!! That is an all-time record for me at a crop. (Jill, your organizational advise was HUGE!! Thanks).

I am trying to get pictures of some of those pages up on the blog, but having trouble with the scanner here at work (oops, did I say I was doing personal stuff at work?? - it's my lunch break, and we have high-speed here....WWAAAYYYY nicer than at home). I will try to get them up on the blog in the next few days. Just know that, yes Shawna, I used vinyl!!

Til next time, let the sun shine!! Take care.


  1. It was a very awesome weekend indeed! Shawna worked on a custom wedding album for her friend who is getting married. She had 3 pages done and by 10pm on Saturday had completed 25 more pages to finish the album!!! I too got tonnes done. I had 36 pages that needed finishing touched from journaling & embellishing to titles. I finally broke down and used vinyl for my titles and ohhhh, baby am I in LOVE!!

  2. Way to go, sis -- promise me you'll never go back to your old ways of organizing again!!!! btw - who said the oldest sister gets all the "organizational-genes" anyway??!?
    smiles to you,