Monday, March 30, 2009

Changes, changes, changes

If this is the first time here, you may not understand. However, if you follow this blog you will notice that it has changed. It feels right now!! Hope you enjoy. I will try to get the goodies up that I promised you all last week. I am getting ready for the Brandon Scrapbookers Convention this coming weekend, so the week is kinda crazy... but I will try. If you are going to be in Brandon this weekend, stop in for a chat. I'd love to meet you!
Til next time... sunshine in the forcast!!!


  1. I really like your new look. What about those goodies??? I'm waiting :)

  2. love the new look too!!! I need the website for the freebies on the sidebars again -- need to add to my blog.

  3. Loved your frames at the convention this weekend. Janet

  4. Hey beautiful!! I'm dreaming about how to "finish" all the goodies I bought from you for my home... looking forward to seeing inspiring pics on your blog (and I'll send you some pics of mine once I actually get them done!!) BTW... what kind of Mod Podge does one use??? Went to buy some and there are a dozen different ones!!!

    Allison Orthner