Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back home!

I have finally made it home from my weekend in Saskatoon. I was at a scrapbooking convention.... where I met some AMAZING women. I had a blast out there! I went out with my sister, Jill, and we each taught a class on Saturday. We left Saskatoon at 8 o'clock last night, and got to my door just after 4 in the morning! (very short night, but glad to be home).

Just wanted to say a big HI to everyone I met in S'ktoon... Thanks for inviting us Leica. I will be updating the blog in the next few days, with some projects on the go, and some up-coming goodies I'm working on.... stay in touch.

I also got to catch up this weekend with Jackie Ludlage from Canadian Scrapbooker magazine, and Allison Orthner ... two wonderful gals I had the opportunity to meet when I went on the Crop and Cruise event last month in the Carribean. Had a great time catching up with you (Jackie - bring Katharina next time!!). Check out the crop and cruise website - you are going to want to come next time!!(

Take care, 'til next time.....


  1. Hey beautiful!! So very fun to hang with you this weekend even if you left early!!! And I am so excited to design with my new frames and letters!!! I'll send you pics once they're done!!

    Allison Orthner

  2. Glad you made it home safely! It was great to see you again. And thanks so very much for cutting all those frames for me on such short notice. I am sure my friends are going to want to make the words now once they see the one I did in your class.


  3. Isn't she awesome, ladies!!!!!!! Back off though -- she's MY sister!!!