Friday, March 19, 2010

my sister made me.....

Last week I spent some time scrapping. It doesn't happen very often, but I tried. My great friend, Brandy, was on a cruise with her company (Close to my Heart). Even though I couldn't go with her, I thought I should at least scrap in her honor. I was telling my sister, Jill, about it yesterday, and she asked why they weren't on the blog. So, my sister made me do it!.....

This was just a fun LO to do. (the orange brackets are vinyl).

Not quite content with this LO yet...a work in progress.

I added these pictures from my daughter's 6th birthday party last month. She loves crafting, so as part of the kids' goodie bags, they decorated these wooden hearts. First they painted them after school, and by after supper they were ready for vinyl! This shows you how easy the vinyl is to apply. These girls had a BLAST! I had done a variety of designs for them to choose from, and of course, each of their names.
Aparently, this was "the best birthday party EVER!!!" Well done girls!
Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!
Laura Lee


  1. So.....I still have pull, eh?!? What else can I make you do . Love the LOs. Emma's doesn't need much -- maybe some prima crystal swirls or some fun CTMH felt swirls around the flowers. Or you could sew on some fun dimensional ric-rac or trim. Just some ideas. I won't let Asha read this post -- she'd be sad about the party.

  2. There is still a heart saved for her. We just need to plan a play-date (for ALL us girls!!).

  3. Such a fun looking party Buff! So who exactly is "all" us girls? LOL Oh, BTW I sent out a twitter post today for everyone to come & check out your blog. Yes, I're busy but your DH can always cut the wooden designs :)