Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to you...

Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to a few special people in my life.

First, my sweet husband, Kevin - 33 years young yesterday. Also our 12th anniversary this past Sunday! What an amazing man to wake up to every morning... the love of my life!
Also a great big "Happy Birthday" to my best gal, Brandy! (won't say the number or she'll get me).
These pictures were taken on Sunday night in Brandon. We "got" our husbands real good. We arranged everything without them knowing: childcare, chores, even the 4H meeting Kev was supposed to have that night. Mid-afternoon we ended up at their house, where my in-laws picked up the kids for the night. We basically just told our men to get in the car, and don't ask questions. It wasn't until we were in line for the concert at the Keystone Center, that they knew what was going on. It was great! We went and saw George Canyon and Corb Lund perform. It was a lot of fun!

Even though the entire night was great, the best part was surprising them - they had no idea.
(can't wait for next year!)
Have a great week - kids home for spring break....Easter.....Brandon Winter Fair.
(It will be Monday before we know it - enjoy!)
Laura Lee


  1. WOW, am I the worst Auntie ever.
    The other great Birthday wish goes out to Asha who is 6 today! We will see you on Sunday at Ma & Pa's.
    Love you, Auntie Buff

  2. Wondered if you had forgotten?!? That's ok -- she had a very busy day today. Glad to hear that you guys had fun in Brandon. Glad you were able to surprise your hubbies. Happy Anniversary you two oldies!!!! and a big HB to Kev!!!! See you guys Sunday.

  3. It was so much fun fooling our guys...hehe

    What a great night out at the concert! You got some awesome pics Buff. Can't wait to scrap those!