Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vinyl decor... you gotta love it!

Okay, so I met Heather from Winnipeg when she came out here to my friend Brandy's to scrap for the weekend. (What an awesome lady! - yeah, both of them!) So, Heather decided she wanted some vinyl to decorate her scrap space walls. This is what was decided...
I ABSOLUTELY loved the idea of the definitions on the walls. Here, we did Create, Inspire and Dream, in the definitions, and they added butterflies and a bird on a branch as well. You may have seen my sister Jill use this same branch/bird combo on her layouts (check out , but I never thought to place the branch up-and-down instead of sideways.

Here is a closer look at the definitions. The girls said they weren't hard to put on the walls either. I had done each definition in a large "chunk" together, so they didn't have too much small stuff to piece together.By the way, Heather, I LOVE the wall color. The white really pops on that blue.

I also sent along the same words, but in a larger font, that she decided to put along a separate wall. She added the brackets with the middle word - mostly I think because she really liked them!
(BTW - doesn't she look like the organizational guru! Anybody else looking at their own space right now, thinking about taking out that wall that leads to the livingroom!!)
The wall to the left of the one above, is a tan-color, so they placed the dark brown vinyl on it. Check this out...

Closer looks at both little "collections".

Thanks alot for sharing the pictures with me... I love them! Well done! I anybody else inspired?? I am.

Enjoy these treasures... til next time.

Take Care.

Laura Lee


  1. Wow!!! I am definitely considering a definition for my living room wall. Just one thing: go Big or go home. Got to think of a word now. Any suggestions besides prehistoric creatures {lol}. Great work, sis!!!

  2. Thanks so much Buffy for the vinyl wall decor. Not only was it, "not hard to do" but it was easy! :) It was also very addictive much fun we just wanted to keep going for more. Thanks to Heather too for making me want to paint my scrap space..again. lol