Friday, January 14, 2011

...You put vinyl on it!!!

Question: What do you do when you are tired of your bathroom "look", but aren't ready for a total make-over?
Answer: You put VINYL on it!

... So that's what I did! Just like I did in my kitchen this past summer, I "jazzed" up my bathroom with a bit of fun vinyl. I choose the olive color to compliment my "lovely" backsplash, and added black as well. I really like the finished product, and I like my bathroom again too (added bonus). It was so easy to put on, and I've washed that part of the wall a few times already, and they are sticking well. Now, when I brush my teeth, I can't help but SMILE!!

You gotta love vinyl!

This is a picture of the barn that I "pimped out" for Tanner this fall. He LOVED the John Deere on it!
This was another "Tanner project". For Grade 4 Science they had to make Structures. Tanner, of course, chose the Paterson grain elevator in Crystal City (my future farmer!). So, together we designed the base of the elevator, and added bins, etc. I suggested we should put the Paterson logo on the elevator, and Tanner said "Mom, can we do it in vinyl?" To which I replied "Yes!". I think it turned out pretty cool... and Tanner got a great mark for his efforts!

(Take note of the tiny lettering on the trucks; Wawanesa Belmont Transfer and TAKLE Farms - Tanner Adam Kevin Laura Lee Emma).

So, think of new ways to change and re-vamp old things - to make you love them again!!
Take Care, Laura Lee


  1. Love, love, love the new look! Wow, those flowers even look 3-d! Great job. When are you doing my washroom?

  2. I love your bathroom Laura Lee.....that vinyl is just gorgeous!

  3. cute, cute, cute!!!!!! I have GOT to get doodling and than YOU can get cutting!!!!!
    luv ya'.

  4. Brandy, what are your ideas for your bathroom? How about "Please leave this room in the condition that you found it... Clean, with the seat DOWN. Thank you and come again." No?? I can see it in hot pink vinyl....

  5. What a great idea!! I may just have to try (steal)this. What do you cut your vinyl on, and do you use a special vinyl due to humidity of the bathroom??