Friday, September 10, 2010

MIA no more!

Yes, I'll admit I was M-I-A there for the summer, and I appologize. But.... I'm back!!
Here's a little peek at some of the EXTRA things I've done with vinyl over the summer.
I built this barn for Emma last Christmas. How much fun is this????
(I also "pimped out" Tanner's barn, but apparently haven't got a picture of it yet...stay tuned for that one. Two words: John...Deere).
This is another FUN little goodie I popped up in my kitchen. It happened to be a day that I was spending a lot of time at my sink doing apples for the freezer. Let me tell you, it made the job more enjoyable. Oh, now the ideas are endless!!!
We are back into our regularily scheduled life. Harvest is near-done, and the kids are back to school. If you are allowed to make "September resolutions", mine is to post more often. There will be a little game about that later.... Well, enjoy your day, the sun is trying to shine. I'll leave you will a picture of our first day back to school!!!

Take Care, Laura Lee


  1. hey...wondered where you had gone to {lol}. Love all the vinyl details around the house. We need to talk "words" for my living room. Oh yeah.....and you'll need to find another spot to take your first-day-of-school photos of the kids when we {someday} rip out that wall in your kitchen. Should I call Ty???

  2. Love the new vinyl!!! Wow, the kitchen looks so fun!