Friday, May 7, 2010

New vinyl designs and colors!!!

A few weekends back I was in Brandon for the Scrapbookers Charity Convention, and had a BLAST!! In prep for the weekend, I designed some new vinyl pages. Some vinyl sheets come in 12x12, while others come in 6x12, and you can choose from lots of different colors (see picture at the end).

1. Frames and more (12x12) - shown in black
2. Trees, branches and birds (12x12) - shown in chocolate brown

3. Brackets and emotions (12x12) - shown in cranberry

4. Love words (12x12) - shown in silver...very nice!!

5. Girl words (12x12) - shown in light purple

6. Boy words (12x12) - shown in grass green
The following are all 6x12 sheets, however some photos may look like they are 12x12 (due to 2 colors being together on a picture).

7. Family words (6x12) - shown in terracotta

8. (top) Birds and swirls (6x12) - shown in hot pink
(bottom) Butterflies (6x12) - shown in white ...very classy and versatile!!

9. (top) Dandelions (6x12) - shown in olive green (picture unfortunately doesn't do color justice)
(bottom) Brackets (6x12) - shown in orange
10. (top) Funky stuff (6x12) - shown in teal
(bottom) Sun and shapes (6x12) - shown in signal yellow

And here.... are the colors! I will try to get better photos of the color choices in the next little while. However, if you are interested in a certain color, I can let you know if it is available, or what I have in comparison. But, we scrappers like LOTS of color, so I'm sure there is something here that sparks your interest!

Vinyl sheets are available now for mailing out to you. 12x12 design sheets (as above) are $13 per sheet, and 6x12 design sheets are $7 per sheet. If mailing, there is a $2 additional fee, but no mailing fee on orders over $30. Email to place orders, or call (204) 529-2605.

Happy shopping and playing,

Laura Lee